5 May-Terracotta Warriors

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Peter arranged a minibus to take the 6 of us out to the Terracotta Warriors wait for us 3 hours and bring us back to today. So the 6 of us headed off this morning at 8 am. It took about 1hr 20 to get out there and because we’d arrived nice and early most of the vendors were just setting up so we didn’t get hassled too much. It’s quite a trek from the car park to the actual pits so it took us about 15 mins to find our way there.

Pit 1 is the most impressive with the most light and number of warriors that have been uncovered. It’s cool to see how different each face, height and build of each warrior is.


Some of them are quite damaged with missing heads, arms or pieced back together.


You can’t get very close to the real ones so it was handy we had my zoom lens. It’s also quite dark so is a bit tricky to get a good photo with the correct light.


Inside the museum which is a separate building next to the pits you can get a lot closer to a few of the warriors but they’re behind glass. It was pretty hard to get anywhere near them with all the people pushing and trying to get photos


Luckily John had my zoom lens and his height on his side so we could stand back and still get a decent photo.


The light inside the museum was bordering on pure darkness so a lot of people were just taking photos of the photos of the displays. The 5D came into its own here and were able to get decent photos in almost no light


They had a display of the warrior armour – all made of small pieces of stone. The detail in each piece was pretty amazing.


Outside is really smoggy, you can hardly see the giant hills in the background. Came across some vendors selling kites. Looks like here you don’t just fly one kite..you fly a whole line full of kites. I imagine if you get a few of these going at once it’d looks pretty amazing in the sky.


Two new volunteers arrived today so there’s now 8 of us at the apartment, with 7 of us heading to the panda project on Monday. I’m hoping to head out into the street markets and check out the fountain show after dark tonight and test out the 5D at night.


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