5 July-Off to Sydney for Imagine Cup 2012

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Today I headed to Sydney ready for the Imagine Cup 2012 World Wide finals. I was fortunate enough to be selected as a judge again this year. As I wandered around the local area it was cool to see the Imagine Cup flags flying along walking bridges and the front of the exhibition centre.


I had some spare time today so I headed out to Taronga Zoo to see the animals. I’m always blown away by the views the animals get of the city. The giraffes have a great backdrop of the cbd.


I hadn’t been to the zoo for at least 7 years and was really impressed at the improvements they’d made. The chimpanzee enclosure was great. They have a great open area to play and you can see them fairly close without any glass. Always cute to see the babies swinging high in the sky.



Got to reminisce our Africa trip when i visited the beautiful lions.



Loved the Tigers too. They might well be my next trip.


I love a cute monkey.


And the Red Pandas are so cute!


I was also impressed by the sea lion and penguin area where there’s an amphitheatre area where you’re beside the pool with a big glass wall and can see them swimming, so gracefully and quite.


They were quite curious of the crowd and enjoyed coming up to the glass to see the people looking at it.


I was quite amused by the number of little kids up at the glass with their parent’s iphones, ipads and digital cameras snapping away the photos of the animals.

Looking forward to the opening ceremony tomorrow.


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