4 May- Arrived in Xi’an

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This afternoon we made our way to the airport bound for Xian. Great thing at Hong Kong airport is they have free wifi, so we could check our mail etc. We got there pretty early and soon discovered our plane had been delayed 1/2 hour. Not to worry, we kept ourselves entertained. Once we made it onto the plane and they closed the doors, chaos started. People were jumping out of their seats, rushing up and down the plane, trying a seat, moving to another, climbing over someone to see if they had a better view all while we’re supposed be be leaving. A bit odd but we got away. No sooner were we in the air and people started getting out of their seats and opening various overhead lockers for no apparent reason…all while the seatbelt sign was still on. Very different experience to flying in most other places.

We landed in Xi’an about 1 hour late and ended up in the slow immigration queue and managed to be the last people through but mean our bags were already on the carousel. Waiting in the arrivals lounge was Peter to drive us to the volunteer apartment. An hour later we arrive at the apartment in Xi’an, with 4 other volunteers – 3 of which are heading to the pandas with us. There’s a few more people coming tomorrow and at least one already there so there’s going to be quite a few of us there. Everyone had been waiting for us to arrive so we could have dinner which was really tasty.

Had a bit of a wander around the local street, unpacked for the next few days and we’re ready for bed. It was dark by the time we’d eaten so didn’t get a chance to take any photos. We’re all going out to the terracotta warriors tomorrow, hopefully get some good pictures.

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