3 September – Final day of TechEd NZ

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Today was the final day of TechEd NZ. We did our session on our favourite bits of Windows Live. Unfortunatly for me, the internet crashed and burned which 1. makes it hard to show things and 2. Doesn’t give a nice story when everything grinds to a holt. Luckily I’d cached up lots of Virtual Earth tiles so that still worked but a lot of other services i.e. showing the IM control just wasn’t going to play ball.

Luckily the final prize draws weren’t till the closing party so other than food we only had 3 other v. interesting sessions to compete against i.e. Mobility smackdown giving away fancy phones. I counted 37 people in the room which I thought wasn’t too bad for lunch time.

Went to a bunch of sessions and it’s interesting to see who well the crowd here gets behind the local speakers!

Closing drinks was packed as everyone gathered to keep within earshot of each of the prize draws. One of the delegates won a second XBox and graciously told them to redraw – what a nice guy!

We ran into quite a few people we’d met at the Girl Geek Dinner and the Blogger’s Dinner. In a way I’m surprised how many people I keep seeing that I’ve spoken to over the last few days seeing there’s over 2000 people here.

It’s been a fun Tech Ed for us, thanks to Darryl for inviting us along. Without him, we would most likely missed out on TechEd altogether.

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