24 May-Summer Palace

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Last day in Beijing today. We ventured out on the very long subway ride to the Summer Palace. The subway was packed by towards the end of the journey we managed to get a seat.


The summer place grounds are quite massive.


It overlooks a big lake that you can catch boats to/from various parts of the shore.


From the edge of the lake near the palace you can see the CCTV tower we went to last night.


We took a boat from the place to pretty much the middle and then walked across the bridge to the shore.


After a bit of a site was wandered around the edge of the lake back to the palace then back to the front gate.

We’ve nicely used all the credit on our subway cards now. If we have time at the airport tomorrow I’ll attempt to get my card deposit back. Heading off early-ish to the airport tomorrow to start the long journey home. Have a 5 hour stop in Hong Kong so we’ll get to see a lot of the inside of airports tomorrow.


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