2 Sept – Teched NZ Day 2

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Day 2 of TechEd NZ was pretty busy. For some reason at events we seem to present on the last session or near the end of the day so usually nobody knows who we are. Because I spoke at the Girl Geek Dinner on Monday night things were really different today. I ran into lots of people that had been at the dinner and had lots of good conversations which was very cool.

Went to a bunch of sessions today. Scott Hanselman’s lunch session on making your blog suck less was really good..but it was only 30 mins…I just wish I had seen the 2 hour version John got to see at the blogger's dinner.  Unfortunately I haven’t worked out how to be in two places at once yet.

Tomorrow we’re doing our session. We’ve got a lunch time spot competing against the Mobility Smackdown AND the marketplace prize giveaways for all the exhibitors so we may end up with a very small audience.

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