19″ monitor becomes our new TV

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgAfter John won 2nd in the Mark.Ed competition at Tech Ed we received a shiny new HP 19″ widescreen monitor.

I used it for a day..and while it was a sweet screen I found the 900px high a bit restrictive and the colour difference between it and my laptop monitor too different and distracting.

So John plugged it in..but it doesn’t really work well with his 24″ monitor…so what to use it for?

We had a crazy idea late Sunday arvo…we could get a settop box and turn it into a TV for the bedroom.  So we ran off to JB hoping they were still open, and grabbed ourselves a $99 HD set top box.

We got it home, plugged it into the 24″ dell and it didn’t work…plugged it into the HP and randomly pushed some buttons and TADA we have a TV…and a very nice picture at that.

And we have a spare monitor if we ever need to install stuff on the media centre and don’t want to use the projector screen