18 March – Edfu

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This morning we dismantle our toilet and set sail for the other side of the river.  On our way to Luxor we stop at Edfu temple.  This was supposed to be a hidden gem that not a lot of tourists go to but the place is packed! Here are some giant basalt statues of Horus and a huge temple full of carvings that you’re allowed to take photos of.  Unfortunately we’re here in the middle of the day and the sun is very harsh so not the best time for photos.


We then drive onto Luxor where everyone is glad to be able to have a shower! We go in search of lunch and end up in some backstreets and stumble across this awesome restaurant. The finish and the fitting on this place are the best I’ve seen here.  They invite us to see the bathrooms, odd request I know, which are fitted out with awesome bits of granite and all very fancy.

On the way back to the hotel we stop to buy some drinks and chocolate. The guy wants 40LE (we paid 5 in Aswan) for a bottle of coke. After much haggling, leaving and being chased down we finally get the drink, some chocolate and biscuits for 20.

Later our group leader takes us for a bit of a walk through the city before leaving us to our own devices.  We wander through the markets which have a much bigger range of goods than those in Aswan looking for a nice Alabaster vase for the new house.  We’re taken to a back room (always makes me nervous) where the good stuff is kept.  They have some really nice stuff here and I spot a colourful, hand-made vase I like.  They want 850LE for the vase so we open low at 85LE.  The first guy freaks out and runs off to get someone else.  The next guy comes along to help with the sale.  For some reason he thinks we’re students and have no money.  Wonder if it’s the daggy clothes or the fact we opened so low on the item.  After lots of back and forth and him telling me I’m very difficult we finally settle on 200LE with a couple of scarab beetles thrown in.  My challenge is to get it back home without breaking it now.


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