17 May-Farewell fireworks

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This morning the pandas were out and ready to get their pictures taken.


They were out looking for food and apples.


The mountains were fairly clear with a decent blue sky this morning. Rain forecast for tomorrow and a hot sunny day for Saturday hopefully means we’ll get a clear day when we got up Mt Huashan on Saturday.


Showed my keeper a few of the pictures of the pandas. Should have taken notes as he was calling out all their names and I don’t know a few of them still.


Had our last english lesson today, our “last supper” at Mr Deng’s, did a powerpoint night with each person’s favourite 10 photos, with the finale of the night being fireworks.

Tiger went to the shop and picked up a box of fireworks for us at 200 yuan (about $30 Australian). It had a single fuse and let off about 25 individual fireworks into the sky. We sat them in the middle of the street and let them off. They were quite cool with the highlight when the motorcyclist rides past them not even blinking and eyelid. Well worth the money!

Last morning with my pandas tomorrow morning before we head back into Xi’an in the afternoon. Looking forward to Mt Huashan Saturday before we head to Beijing on Sunday lunch time.


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