17 March – Felucca

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After a great breakfast we say goodbye to our hosts as today we spend the whole day and night on the felucca.  I get comfy with my iPod and listen to some tunes and doze off while we sail up the Nile.  At the end of the day’s sailing we pull into a small island for the night as felucca’s aren’t permitted to sail at night.  It seems that a few people have been here before as the island is covered in 1/2 dug holes, scraps of toilet paper / rolls and general bits of garbage.  The local farmer doesn’t seem to happy with us digging our pit toilet close to his crops (who can blame him).

As it gets dark we have another great meal before a few games of uno by candlelight before we all go to sleep.  The night is quite cold and this is where I’m really glad we brought my sleeping bag and sleeping sheets with us.  John and I were nice and cosy while quite a few others weren’t warm enough under the blankets provided.