13 May-rainy day off

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Today was really cold. Got up early and all the pandas were out which meant I could get a few pictures of ones that I don’t usually see. It’d rained overnight so most of them were a bit wet too so they looked like wet teddy bears.


The playful pair were out climbing trees, in their tyre and generally looking cute. One of them was trying to get pretty high in one of the trees and kept breaking branches that couldn’t hold them.


Even though they look really awkward they are really good climbers.


I just managed to get a shot of the brown panda up on his rock pile. Pity I wasn’t a bit earlier but this is the best I got as he ran over. He was really active today, running around the enclosure with quite a bit of pace. Definitely wouldn’t want them chasing me in the wild.


Rose did some work with her pandas today so got a few snaps of her in the enclosure working.


Aside from it being really cold – everyone was in long pants and jumpers today it was also raining which meant it was a good day to do not a lot. So sat around and did some reading, sleeping and of course eating at Mr. Dengs. Everyone is back tomorrow and we’re getting a new volunteer so we’ll be back to 9 of us. We start our week of panda duty tomorrow so won’t have as much free time as last week.


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