13 March – Giza Pyramids and Museum

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This morning we head off to the Pyramids and it’s quite fascinating how close they are to all the buildings in town.  They still tower over many of the buildings  and are an awe inspiring site from the road.

We’re driving up to the panoramic area where we start our camel ride back towards the Pyramids. After riding bare elephants in Thailand the camels are a breeze. It’s worthwhile to ride them through the desert towards the pyramids. Our guide snaps a few pics on my camera. I’m always nervous handing over my camera…can get grubby fingers on my lens and no-one knows how to use it…but these pics came out ok (full auto is the way to go here).  I made sure I snapped a pic of my camel before we left them for the 3rd pyramid.  It may be the smallest but up close it still feels massive!

Then off to the 2nd pyramid where some of our group ventured inside while we had some time to take a few pictures. I could have spent many more hours here so felt a bit rushed. These structures are truly amazing..a really must see!  Then to the Sphinx.  This dude is soooo cool. There are so many people jammed into a little area it’s hard to get a decent photo of him without someone’s hand, hat or other body part in your shot.  I defiantly want to come back here on one of our free nights and take some pictures when they light up the area with the Sound and Light Show.

We’re then taken to the Egyptian Museum. This place is massive and only has a fraction of actual pieces.  You could literally spend weeks looking at each piece here. My favourite sections were King Tut’s Mask and coffins and the pet mummification section.  Here they had a really cool dog still with hair and teeth and a giant Nile Perch and crocodile.  I’m so tired after today..after taking in so much information and absorbing the sites I’m ready for sleep!


Tonight we catch the overnight train to Aswan (13hrs). The cabins are simple but quite nifty with seats that fold out to be bunks and a mini sink etc.  It’s gotta be way more comfy than sitting on a bus or a plane or 13 hrs.