11 May-Pandas in trees and last day on Ibis

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Today was our last day on the Ibis. My keeper let us take a photo inside the cages which was easier said than done. It’s actually really dark inside under the tree canopy and the Ibis don’t like to stay still. John and I smashed in both sessions this morning taking 40 mins for the first and 20 for the 2nd.



After lunch the panda keepers were doing some sort of training with apples so we went out to take some photos.



Erlang the panda was up the tree trying to sleep and we were all desperately trying to get him to wake up but he was having none of it, every now and then sitting up before laying back down asleep.


Norma tried to entice her panda down with the apple on the stick, still wasn’t interested.



So we all just took a heap more pics with the panda.


These two pandas however were much more interested in doing some exercise to get the apple. They were quite cute and funny.


As you can see they have a massive set of teeth.


The panda shop lady came today and the ladies spent up big on cute panda toys. One of the girls finished up today and 3 of the others have gone to Xi’an for the weekend so there’s only 5 of us here so will be much quieter for the next few days. Trying to get some washing done with less demand for the shower and hoping to go for a walk up the mountain and generally relax a bit over the weekend.

John and I get panda duty so get to spend 5 days a lot more up close with a panda each leaning how to prepare their meals and clean their cages etc.

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