10 Articles on Virtual Earth in 6 weeks

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johnWeeGo.jpgI am very proud of the growing community around Virtual Earth. In only six weeks since it was released the community site that I run, http://www.viawindowslive.com/ has had ten articles submitted using the latest version 6 of the API.

The articles range from getting started / whats new to using Traffic or Weather data, extending the infobox or using other technologies like SQL 2008. I have enjoyed reading all of them:

  1. Invoking server side code using AJAX and .ashx handlers
  2. What’s new in Version 6 Routing
  3. Virtual Earth and SQL 2008 Spatial, a first impression
  4. Getting started with Virtual Earth Mashups: showing current weather conditions on a map
  5. Adding Verbs to the Virtual Earth InfoBox
  6. Printing in Virtual Earth
  7. Yahoo Traffic on Virtual Earth
  8. Clustering Virtual Earth 6. Performance, throttling and PNG icons
  9. Whats new in Version 6
  10. Getting Started with Version 6

So if you’re looking for people that know and work with Virtual Earth I’d be chatting to Derek, Marco, Darren and Gordon. If they are online simply click on their messenger icon and pass on your thanks!

So are you a Virtual Earth developer? Why don’t you contribute to the growing community by writing about what you are working on? We are looking for your tips, your experiences and your help.