Working from home – 2 weeks in

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgWell i’ve been working from home for 2 weeks now.  I must say that overall I am enjoying it.

I thought that not being on a bus for 2 hours every day would be a good thing…but i’ve realised it was my zone-out time to let my head clear of all thing work-related.  So I guess i just have to find something else to do between “finishing work” and “getting home” to do the same thing.

I’ve been racking up 45 hours a week without really realizing it which isn’t such a bad thing.  Means if i want a long lunch i got plenty of hours up my sleeve.

It’s really quiet though…miss the simple office sounds e.g the sound of ppl typing on a keyboard, so I thought i could record some office background sounds or something.  Of course the biggest thing is there’s not a physical person to turn around and chat to and you get sick of being at home…so after work you feel like going somewhere.

Obviously the great things can sleep in and still start work by 8am, you can easily cook yourself anything you want for lunch, if you only want to work 40hrs a week…you have a lot more free time to do other stuff, makes it much easier to book things that need doing at the house where you need to be home to let them in.