Who would you give up your seat for?

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgSo in this day and age is it considered polite or an insult for a guy to give up his seat on a bus to a gal?

Now that I have temporarily rejoined the crowd of cummuters it’s interesting to watch those around you.  Most days I’m pretty lucky to get a seat..the buses are always packed.  While I stand I would never expect someone to give up their rightful seating position and offer it to me.  About once a week this offer seems to present itself..thus far I have thanked the “kind gentleman” and sat..cause hey…if he wants to stand, I’ll happily sit.

When it happens to someone else it is quite often amusing to watch the results which are either:
(a) very similar to mine and nab the seat
(b) the lady looks REALLY insulted, makes a fuss and the guy sits back down
(c) the lady looks REALLY insulted, the guy then feels stupid and refuses to sit down.  This is my favorite option..where it becomes a standoff and a matter of principal..both parties now refusing to take the seat.  Quite often the seat will go unoccupied the whole distance on a jam packed bus..quite a site….or like yesterday morning a fellow commuter ends the struggle by just taking the seat.

Personally, I only give up my seat for someone in need..ie. the old/frail, disabled/injured, or obviously pregnant.  So who do you give your seat to?