Wed 9 – Virtual Earth Workshop and Museums and Web

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgToday was the start of the Museums and Web Conference.  So we wandered down to the Hilton to host a half day workshop on Virtual Earth. I think we could easily have made it a full day workshop as we were pressed for time.  We had a nice, small group who chatted through their break which I think shows they were interested in the topic.

museum and web workshop.jpg

Last part of the workshop we set them on their group activities, and I think they really enjoyed discussing ideas with each other and then presenting back to the group.  We let them pick their own topic and provided a few ideas and funnily enough, all groups came back with very similar concepts and had some interesting ideas on how to implement them.

I think the session went well and it was really good to see the high level of interest in using the mapping solutions to enhance different collections.

As you may notice from our blog..we also got some internet connection today! The hotel we’re staying in: Days Inn Downtown has free high speed internet (my main reason for booking this hotel) but we were close to the elevator and just couldn’t get a good connection.  The staff were really nice and we shifted rooms and tada..we have internet.