Wed 9 – Monkey Training Centre

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgSo we slept in there really wasn’t much point in hiring a car.  Instead we used the vouchers i’d snigged at the airport with free transportation to the monkey place.  So we get the hotel to call for us and are booked for the 1pm pickup…yay…time for some breakfast/lunch before we go.

The place we’re going to has the monkey training school, bungey jumping, and  buggies.  We’re met in our transport by other small groups that are going buggying or bungying.  By the time we get there we’re considering the buggy rides but i’ve got a nasty sore on my leg that i’m trying to air so it scabs..and I really don’t want to get dirt in it or rub it against the supplied overalls…so i’m not keen.

We go to the monkey place and get in a bit early so get to sit with the monkies etc before the show.  The show is kinda corny but the monkies are very cute.  They ride bikes, lift weights, do pushups, sit up, and pick coconuts.  The move onto a find a number game…the trick being that 1/2 way through the monkey gives up and they get the audience to find the number.  John gets picked and when he finally finds the number he gets his reward – a banana.

Then the monkey is selling “Monkey Balm” to the audience – 10 Baht a packet…we have no change and noone else is participating so we hand over a 20 and get 2 boxes….the guy next to us only has 100’s.  He fumbles around looking for something smaller..the monkey looking impatient.  Eventually he hands over the 100..the monkey hands over 10 boxes.

We head back with some of the original group..who’ve just been bungy jumping and back to our hotel…to pack for an early flight in the moring…and to go to the night bazarre to get some shirts for john so we don’t have to wash clothes again before leaving.