Wed 5 – Exam review and buying toys

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgToday was my big adventure out to Microsoft campus..started off not so well when my cabbie had no idea where to go and drove around in circles.  Lucky a nice catering lady showed us the way…otherwise i may still be driving in circles 🙂

The VE exam review was really interesting and glad I took part..though not allowed to actually say anything about it…

The place is MASSIVE! There’s shuttles running around all the time to move people between buildings..the driver of one said there were 200 drivers and 100 vehicles for the task!

The caffeteria near where i was located was very cool..big range of food and really cheap!

After it was over went and said hello to Angus..good to see a familiar face 🙂

Then it was off to Best Buy to pick me up a HD DVD player.

Had a good deal on..comes with 2 movies (300 and Bourne Identiy) + you pick 3 in-store (grabbed Transformers, Next, and Fast & Furious as there wasn’t a lot to choose from that i’d like) + you fill out a form to get another 5 on rebate from a selection list.

I must say I like the rule in Aus where they have to quote prices inclusive of GST..least you know how much the item will be.  Here you always have to wait until you get processed to know the total.

I brought my big bag so it would fit..good thing too..the box is actually quite large..lucky i didn’t bring a lot of stuff 🙂

So tomorrow I have a few things to do and then i start the long journey home…been quick and hopefully i’ll get back before my body changes timezones.