Want JavaScript Intellisence for Virtual Earth?

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johnWeeGo.jpgThe first release is out of the community project on codeplex to give native JavaScript Intellisence to Virtual Earth inside Visual Studio 2008.


Essentially this is a little bit of documentation code that you reference during development for intellisence only. The actually code is never executed rather it represents all of the functionlaity of the real Virtual Earth Javascript.


The results are awesome, no more misspelt enums or property names, no more firing up the SDK to quickly remember what that property looks like. Productivity is improved.

So whats the deal with the codeplex project? Well everytime the offical VE control is updated we need to update this helper. So we need the help of people that care to keep this upto date, many hands make light work! There is even talk of making some other languages.

Marc is the co-ordinator of this project and a big thanks for his great efforts to get this happening. Download the release today!