Visual Studio 2008 – Document Outline + Split View

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgHave been using Visual Studio 2008 for awhile now so I thought I’d share some great features.

1. Split View – gives us the ability to see both Design/XAML or Design/HTML view on the same screen with real time update ..very cool

2. Document Outline – to turn this guy on goto View -> Other Windows -> Document Outline.  This gives you a tree of all the objects on your page.  You can use it to navigate to a specific item and it gives you a visual queue of what it looks like + with split view selects the item in desgn and code view.

Using both of these features together is really useful to get to “hard to find elements”.

I’ve attached a screen shot to show both these features in action at once.  Here I’ve selected a button in the Document shows a popup of the button, selects it in the design view aswell as the xaml view.


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