Using 3D Virtual Environments in learning

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A friend sent me a link to the You Tube video below. It’s a great example of using 3D virtual environments in learning.  The extra cool part is it’s done in a school in Sydney, Australia. 

It really highlights how innovative, creative and resourceful the kids can be when they are enjoying learning.  There’s a great example in the video of a student who set up a shop selling “virtual clothes” to wear in the environment and will sell other student’s designs for a commission. 

In terms of sharing what other’s at the school are doing there’s a few cool areas in the environment. There’s also an art gallery showing off all the great artwork the students have worked on and a radio station highlighting different school bands and classes.



It really makes my mind go wild with ideas on what you could do with the environment. I wish we had access to this technology when I was at school. We never got to see what the art students worked on or what the sewing students had designed.  It would make the business classes where you used to sell sandwiches at the tuck-shop for a week and do up an account statement so much more meaningful if you could set up your own virtual business, do marketing, hire employees etc.

Anyone know of other schools doing this sort of thing in Australia?

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