Turning off call forwarding on the JasJam

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgWe got new JasJams the other week.  I really like the phone, especially the keyboard…makes it so much more useable.

Only trouble i was having with it, was i couldn’t get to my phone and answer it in time if it was in another room.  For some reason the longest ring time before diversion is 30 seconds.  This is fine if the phone is next to you….but not if it’s in another room, inside a bag or a case etc.  Also, you can’t turn the call forwarding checkbox off…no matter how hard you try it keeps coming back.  I hate messagebank, never use it.  I can see someone tried to call me..if it’s important they’ll call back or sms me…so i just wanted the call forwarding gone.

The solution to this, other then improving your phone answering time, is you have to ring Telstra and they can switch it off at the network level.  It takes them all of 2 seconds and tada…it’s fixed.