Tue 1 – Elephant Stay last day – Day 3

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgAfter the excitement of a new baby elephant last night everyone slept in.  So with nobody in sight I did a bit of a wander around the camp.  It’s raining today so the day spot for the elephants has turned to mush.

So we don’t move the elephants today..we just clean up around them.  Still do our rides and a light scrub.

We set up Google Analytics for ewa on the elephant stay site yesterday so been looking at the 1 day of stats of that with her.  We also set up a message board, a subscribe page and some image links people can put on their site to show their support.  So that’s what the red elephant on the side of our blog is (in case anyone was wondering).

It’s been an awesome experience and it’s always inspiring to talk to people who are so passionate about what they do.  Big thanks to Michelle, Ewa, the rest of the staff and of course the elephants for a great experience.

So after the afternoon ride, it’s time to say goodbye and hug the babies one last time before we have a shower and go to our hotel for the night.  We had planned to take pics of the ruins tonight but we are just so tired we decide to pike…there will be other ruins..for sure.