Tech.Ed – Some pics

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgI didn’t take my 350D to Tech.Ed with me cause I didn’t feel like lugging my camera equipment around with me, so we took the old 2 MP Canon IXUS.  Unfortunatly i couldn’t find the charger before we left, so only got to take 1 photo with it.  We got our pici taken with my M/soft buddy Frank.


After a long search we finally found our names on the wall, so then i believed that it was really made up of participant names.  Before that, there were a lot of tech.john, tech.david etc that coulda just been made up.  The likelyhood of Tech.John, Tech.Bronwen and Tech.Rod appearing in that order randomly is pretty slight.  Unfortunatly, we found it so late and by the time we found a camera to take a pic with, the security guy wouldn’t let us back in to take a quick photo, so no proof to show

To prove we were actually there, we’ve got our personalised Tech.Ed shirts with our names embroidered on it


So now that I’m home I had a chance to lay out all the freebies I got.  I have: 1 tec.ed backpack, dev garten shirt, dev garten bracelet, tec.ed shirt, 7 pens, 4 fling things, forefront shirt, forefront cap, travel mug, mini footy, calico bag, mouse pad, headphones with retractable chord, radio, some sock type thing, squishy pill, squishy lightbulb, squishy lego blocks (very cool), squishy throwing thing, intel blowup thing


I entered every competition possible (and signed up for a lifetime of spam), but as with my luck, didn’t win a thing.