Tech.Ed feedback

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgThought it’d be easier to put the comments here than make a GIANT comment on Frank’s blog.

Comments on Tech Ed that most come to mind:

Tech Ed

  • The venue – in general it was well layed out and had enough space (apart from some sessions see below)
  •  Overlap in content in sessions.  There was way too much overlap in session with a common theme.  This is ok if you go to one of them..but if you go to a theme you’d almost be better off going to every 2nd session.  For me, the sessions tended to be very high level.
  • Same – It seemed like every web session and/or virtual earth session showed THE SAME real estate agent site
  • Overcrowding – A lot of rooms were overcrowded where you had to stand or be so squished to the person beside you you end up cramping up
  • The party – hmm..what can i say…a night club full of geeks…not a great venue for the number of people.  Didn’t really enjoy watching people play xbox all night
  •  labs – Labs were good but not enough time to work on them unless you skipped sessions – maybe open early till late for those keen to learn?
  • community project – great in theory – needs to be broken into tasks 1/2 to an hour long so people can contribute more easily.  I was keen to contribute but found it hard to find a task that wasn’t dependant or atomic enough to work on in the time I had spare.
  •  Bar Code Scanners – I’m not a grocery item going through a check out
  • Deep Dives – maybe have more deep dives at the end of tech ed once you know what stuff you’re interested in diving into.  This may satisfy my craving for more than a 1 hour overview of a really big topic.
  • Tech Ed Bags –  Bags were great – even fit a 17″ dell
  • The Food – if you are patient…there was heaps of food.  Maybe need a few more snack areas to nip in between talks
  •  PC’s / internet access  – there were heaps
  • Tech Ed Shirts – love the embroidery
  • Key and Lock Note – both interesting and something different to think about