Speaking at Tech Ed NZ 2008

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We decided to be different and go to Tech Ed New Zealand this year.  We’re doing a couple of presentations at Tech.Ed NZ if you want to check them out.

WEB217 – The Live Highlights Package – 3/9/2008 – 1:40-2:10pm

GEN101 – Virtually There – Girl Geek Dinner – 1/9/2008 8:00-10:00pm

Abstracts are below:

WEB217 – The Live Highlights Package

Are you a web developer interested in attracting engaged users? This session will show demonstrations on some of our favourite Live Services like Virtual Earth, Instant Messenger and Silverlight Streaming and show you how to easily combine the power of these services and start growing your audience through deeper engagement.


GEN101 – Virtually There – Girl Geek Dinner

Technology has made it easier and more effective to limit the effects of geography on your working environment.  This session will discuss tips and tricks of running a technology consulting company in a virtual environment, including setting up and maintaining a virtual office and managing geographically disparate teams.  A focus will be given to the problems, solutions and benefits of a real-life example.


I’m really looking forward to the Girl Geek Dinner. The dinner is hosted by Amanda Jackson (GGD Auckland) who is also organising some great shirts and Brenda Wallace (GGD Wellington) and also has Joh Clark speaking about Women and gaming. Darryl has all the details on his blog here: http://burling.co.nz/post/2008/07/21/Girl-Geek-Dinner-at-Tech-Ed-NZ.aspx


Prior to Tech Ed (Sun 31st August) is Code Camp Auckland.  We’ll be heading to that and will be looking forward to Jonas’ presentation.


So it’ll be a very exciting week! If there’s anything special you want to see let us know..we still have a chance to change or presentations a little. If you’re going to code camp or TechedNZ let us know..would love to catch up.