Silverlight Streaming Media Player – video restart on postback

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgHave had “fun” with the SilverlightStreamingMediaPlayerl today..haven’t found the solution..just all the symptoms.

So i’ve got a SilverlightStreamingMediaPlayer, I’ve set it to point to an application on Silverlight Streaming, with autoplay OFF so it doesn’t start playing as soon as you load the page…all works well.

Then I added a GridView which displayed thumbnails of all the videos I want to play, and when the user clicks on one i update the video and play it using the following javascript:

        function updatevideo(url)
        var slMediaPlayer = $find("<%=CurrentSilverlightStreamingMediaPlayer.ClientID %>");
        return false;

This also works a treat 🙂

My problem arrises in the following circumstance:

If I select a video from the list and then change pages the video starts from the beginning rather than keep playing.

If I play the default video and change pages, it continues on fine.

So it’s remembering the video url property ok, but losing where the video is up to.  Will post back if I find a solution.