Sat 4 – Home!

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgWe thought we got an exit row from Japan to Bris..but when i looked at the ticket and saw we were in row 70 I had my doubts.  After sitting in Japan airport for 7 hrs (lots of sleeping on chairs and reading) they called rows 50-67 .. hmm…intersting.

We go through there must be a row we get on the plane we realise we’re upstairs..nah..can’t be..isn’t that first class?  So we wander upstairs to find it is indeed economy (doh) and we have an exit row (yippee).  Unfortuantly it’s an old no personal video..and only 1 movie showing the whole way.

We get home early (yippee) and about to get the dog but john’s car battery is we go get my keys to discover my battery is also dead. Pretty sad seeing that we’ve only been away 3 weeks!  So we call subaru and racq respectivly to get our cars going.

Made it only till 11am before we crashed out and then couldn’t get to sleep till like 4am…hopefully sunday is better.