Remix Australia – done and dusted

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BronwenWeeGo We’ve been a bit lax in our blogging the last week…mainly because we were travelling around for Remix Australia.  For those who missed out you missed an awesome event! So I’ll use this post to give my highlights of the events and to answer some of the common questions we were getting from you all around the ASP.Net Virtual Earth Control and the upcoming Contoso Bank Quick App.  We had a great time and it was really good for us both to be allowed to show some unreleased bits for the first (and 2nd if you were in Melbourne) time ever!


First to some of the common questions we were getting:

  1. Virtual Earth ASP.Net control – we had quite a lot of awesome feedback on the control ranging from “…if only I had that control when I was doing x project it would have saved me y amount of work”, to “where can i get it”, “I want it now”, “when is it coming out”. Firstly it’s awesome to see others think it’ll be a useful tool.  For those that really want it…I recommend hassling Angus Logan and tell him how much you want it.  For those that are worried they’ll miss out on the news, keep an eye on our blog as there’s no doubt we’ll blog about it when it gets released.
  2. Contoso Bank Quick App – had lots of positive feedback on this which is great to see that the scenario we built makes sense.  Again we got a few questions like “Where can I download it”, “Will all the source code be available”, “Can I show it to my client now”. this space. We’ll blog about it as soon as it’s up for public consumption!
  3. Further presentations. A couple of people asked about any presentations coming up on Virtual Earth, SQL Spatial, Live etc. ATM we haven’t got any public appearances (User Groups, Tech Ed etc.) planned but if you’re really keen to see anything we’re usually happy to show some cool demos..just drop us a line and maybe we can visit you when we’re in town next.


What I really loved at Remix was the number of local speakers (and many of them MVPs) ! When I go to an Australian event, its great to see what people are doing in Australia, how they work, and how they’re applying the technologies. Over the 2 locations I managed to catch most of the presentations and they were all pretty darn good and showed some pretty cool stuff. 

My top 3 were:

Joseph Cooney – What’s New in Windows Presentation Foundation 3.5 and beyond. Joseph always does a great job at his presentations and this one was no exception.  He showed off some of the new features in WPF..many of which I was personally glad to see added.

Jorke Odolphi – Bringing Hosters and Developers together with IIS7 – Jorke did a great presentation on IIS7 and used a PHP app as his example..something I tend to forget that hosters have to deal with 🙂

Damian Edwards / Lachlan Hardy – Welcome to IE8 – Integrating Your Site With Internet Explorer 8. These guys did an awesome job showing the new features and standards compliance in IE8.


We met quite a few people who’d come to previous presentations, read our blog, twitter etc. It’s always great to put a real face to a tag, comment etc. So hello to you all 🙂 Thanks to all those people who seemed concerned with our business model and the amount of time we spend doing presentations, articles etc and were worried if we get money to feed ourselves :)  It was also great to meet a bunch of new people.


So a big thank you to Microsoft guys for inviting us to the event.  You did an awesome job…look forward to see what you do next year!

Also, Nick Hodge has a post with links to the other blogs, videos etc. from the event. Check it out here: