Mon 4 Apr-Off to Victoria Falls

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Today we start our journey to Victoria Falls. As we’re leaving at 10am we get one last lion walk in with Lewa.


We get her all to ourselves and take her on a decent walk finished with a bit of play on the garden furniture.


There’s 3 groups of people leaving today. First group leaves at 6:30 then at 9 with lots of big farewells. Luckily most people are on activities when we leave so it’s just Jacki and Sherry to say last minute goodbyes to.

I’m going to miss the handler’s saying:“No bite Kitty. You bite you die”. Cracks me up laughing every time.

JB drives us into town and we get onto our fancy coach to Victoria Falls with our chicken dinner from Chicken Inn. Feeling pretty satisfied with our transport choice we set out on our 8 1/2 hour drive. We get to Bullowayo and are offloaded and told we’re switching buses. 45mins later we discover we’re now on a minibus instead of a coach for the rest of the way…bit disappointing but ok by me. Then we discover they’ve booked 26 people on a 22 seater and the trailer is way too small for our luggage. An hour goes by with many heated discussions between many of the passengers who have already got a seat and their luggage is already loaded. Ours is sitting next to the already overflowing trailer. They tell us they’re getting another transport that will bring our luggage separately and travel in convoy. As we pull out we wave goodbye to both our bags of luggage as they’re dragged to the curb thinking we have about a 50/50 chance of ever seeing them again.

Somehow we managed to score the wheel arch seat so it’s a very uncomfortable ride but we eventually get to Rainbow Hotel at Victoria Falls. There’s no sign of our luggage, it’s 7:30pm and pitch black. The driver writes our names on a scrap of paper and the hotel we’re staying at and promises to bring our bags when they arrive as his phone is flat and can’t call the other vehicle.

We jump in a cab and head to our hotel thinking our chances of getting our bags is not good and check in. We’re staying at The Kingdom and is very massive. It’s nice to have a king size bed again! Around 10:30pm John gets a call saying our bags have arrived so he goes down and claims them and all our gear is still inside..bonus! Thanks to Andrew the driver for making sure we got our luggage.