Mon 30/Tue 1 – A baby is born – Elephant Stay – Day 2/3

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgWe get some news that one of the mother’s could give birth tonight!  It could be soon…or hours.  John and I decide to stay up and wait.  It’s not too long (not sure if it was just before or after midnight) until the baby boy is born!

It was a pretty amazing thing.  The elephant nursery was all awake and watching this new born and it’s mum..pity it was pitch black or it would have made an awesome picture to see all these elephants looking intently over what’s going on.

It’s not long till the mum helps her bub first get up on his feet, and then to take his first steps.  Of course there’s lots of legs going in all directions, toppling over etc.  So after a few hours he’s walking around, everyone’s shared some celebration whiskey and it’s time for bed.

When I get up in the moring and go to check on Dok Mak, I have to look at our lunch area twice…it’s been turned into a nursery…The benches have been turned into a make-shift pen to keep baby in.  They have so many babies they have to use their lunch area..must be doing something right.

Tradition for 1 day olds is to string money around it’s neck for good luck.  So i do this and am again amazed how calm the mother is with you touching her new born baby.