Mon 30 – Baby Elephants – Elephant Stay – Day 2

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgHere at Elephant Stay the have had 9 babies in 2 years…now that’s a lot of little elephants.  They’ve currently got a 2 week old and a 1 day old.  The 2 week old is getting quite boisterous and runs around a lot.  He’s so cute..he’s like a huge puppy dog..and when i say huge..he weighs over 80kg already.  His favorite game with me it to run into me when i’m picking up pineapple plants to put in the cart.  He also likes sucking on my hand, and getting scratched behind his ears.

It’s quite amazing that the mothers are so willing to let you play with their little ones.  They (along with the others) love pineapples.  The coolest thing is they grap the pinapple and put it in their mouth and then use their trunk to grap the top and twist it off (they don’t eat pinapple tops).

Cause we all spoil the mums so we can play with their baby..they start to demand pineapples when you walk past or play with bub.  If you don’t give her a pineapple quick enough she starts blowing air at you or trumpetting at you.

If they get bored or you don’t feed them enough they start to eat their housing..which isn’t great when it rains.

Today the riding felt much better…feel much more relaxed and realised the more i slouch the less unstable i feel.  There’s a couple of different ways to get up on the elephant.

1. She lifts up her leg, you grab her ear and pretty much walk up her leg and then lift your leg over her ear.

2. She lays down and you climb up her that way.

We’ve had the mahouts up on the elephant with us each day…they hang onto the back of your shirt getting up, getting in and outta the water etc.  makes you feel the little bit more comfortable.