Mon 3 – Made it to Seattle

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgAfter lots of flying and waiting in airports I made it to Seattle.  Almost came without a jacket and my ipod but John was really nice and went home and back to grab it for me.

Qantas has got lounges in the gate waiting lounges now…really good when you get there early and just want to lay down before a long flight.

Had a really full flight ang got an aisle row next to the galley behind an exit row.  So it was loud, lots of people bumping me and the seat in front had this massive grey, metal box attached so i couldn’t stretch out my legs.  So glad when that flight was over…

3 hr wait to tranfer to next plane where i was struggling to keep my eyes open..hoping to not fall asleep and miss my plane.  Got lots of leg-room on the flight to Seattle and dozed in and out of consciousness the whole way.

Then cab to hotel..Pike Street Suites which is pretty nice for the $112 AUS / internet, buffet breakfast etc.

Cabbie didn’t want me to use my ccard..had to be pretty forceful…he wanted cash…wonder if that’s normal?  It was the old fashionded swipe thing with carbon paper.

It’s pretty cold and raining so not sure what i’ll get up to tomorrow.