Mon 14 Arrive in Seattle – 24 hrs late

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgWell we made it onto the flight to Toronto, and 6 hrs later we’re in Seattle.  The best news is our bags have beaten us (probably made the plane they kicked us off of) and we can grab them and jump staight into a cab for our hotel (do a big dance).

We checkin, quick shower (oh how good a shower feels after a day of travel), change of clothes (feels even better to wear clean clothes) and we try to decide to catch the end of the MVP welcome reception.  Registration is closed so its a bit hard to get in without a badge. Eventually we get in, let ppl know we arrived etc.  Good to see some familiar faces.

So we’ve missed day 1, but are so glad to be here. Thanks to our MVP Lead Rose and the summit team for making sure our hotel room didn’t get given away! Also thx to all those who sent msgs of sympathy.

So what’d we miss?

MVP Girlz Meetup – I’d organised an open invite to any MVP ladies that wanted a coffee and to meet some other ladies to have a coffee at starbucks.  I missed my own party..but the show went on and sounds like about 12 ladies showed up.


Keynote – Our visualisation of the MVP attendees on a Virtual Earth map was shown and got a mention in the keynote today. Check it out at: