Linking your LiveIDs

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgYou ever get sick of having mulitple liveids and different passwods and trying to remember which one is which (is is it just me) ?

A great new feature has been released that means you can link your liveids, login with just one password and switch between your ids using a combo box..pretty cool hey.

So how do you do this you ask? To link them up do the following:

1. Goto this address

2. Login with with the id you want to use as your main liveid

3.Goto the Linked  Windows Live Id’s section and select Link Windows Live IDs


4.Enter your password, and the details for the additional account that you wish to link


5. On the settings page you will now see the list of ids that are linked.


6. To switch between accounts, just select the account from the drop-down in the top right corner




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