I’ve installed Team Suite…how do i get to Team Foundation Server

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgI installed Visual Studio Team Suite awhile back and haven’t had to use TFS yet.  So now I want to use TFS, there’s no “Connect to TeamFoundation Server” option under tools.  After looking at MSDN I discover you have to install Team Explorer.

So first, go download Team Explorer.  You’ll quickly discover it’s an IMG file.  So if you don’t have anything to extract from IMG files, go download something like ISO Buster. Extract and install away.  You should now have Visual Studio Team Foundation Server in the list of source control plug-in’s under Tools->Options->Source Control->Plug-in Selection AND a “Connect to Team Foundation Server…” option under Tools.

I found this an odd set of steps to have to do.  Anyone know why you not only have to do an extra download but have to do the weird img extraction process aswell?