Girl Geek Dinner 5 – A Success

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ggd5 Thursday 30 April we held our 5th Girl Geek Dinner in Brisbane.  This event was a bit different to the previous ones as we all converged upon the Microsoft office in Brisbane to have a night of Game playing.

Tracy Whitelaw was our guest speaker for the night and I’m sure all will agree she did a great job.  She shared a bit about herself and talked about women in gaming.  40% of gamers are women!

Catherine Eibner was up from Sydney and brought some great prizes with her.  The Marcus Fenix figurine and signed Gears of War poster would be a prized possession for many games.

ggd_prize ggd_prize2

We had a range of consoles/games set up for the ladies to play:


XBox 360 with Rockband


XBox 360 with tennis


PS2 with the original Guitar Hero


Wii with Dancemat and Wii Play

The night wouldn’t have happened without the help from some key people. Many thanks to Jorke and Catherine for the use of the office, helping on the night and supplying the prizes, Tracy for her great talk, Carolyn for cooking and helping me prepare the food, Jenine for the use of her PS2 and Wii, John for helping with the GGD support vehicle, food and manning Rockband all night, and Tim for taking some photos –