Fri 25 Mar-Duty day

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Now that we’ve done all the fun intro activities, today we have a few more duties. We start the day with a walk with the 2B’s. They decide to head left straight out of the pen and soon we can see the other group walking the MK’s. The handlers eventually get them back on track. They aren’t particularly playful today and we get a few photos with them on the way back in.


Next up we have meat prep. We get to hack up a dead donkey and load some really smelly old wilderbeast into the truck. We have to hand the vehicle back over to research so wait for ages for another vehicle. Apparently I’m good with an axe…so I’ve been renamed Savage. Once it arrives we have to re-load the meat which is really smelly by now into the truck and head off and feed some of the big males, 2Bs and MK’s




After lunch John and I are split up. I’m on Boma – shovelling elephant poo. It hasn’t been done properly for ages so there’s a lot to move! John’s on Road Repair with some of the other guys.

Last session of the day we’re with the MK’s. There’s clients on this walk so they get first go at all the picture opportunities but the lions are feeling lazy after their donkey feed so gives us a few good opportunities to get photos with them.