Does Raid Striping make your HDD fail?

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BronwenWeeGo.jpgWe’ve helped a few people set up their home desktop systems.  We were getting them to buy 2 identical HDDs and striping them for added speed.

So since then 3 of us have had one of the array fail…my dad, my best friend and our media centre pc.  All of them were different systems, and all of them were just out of warranty.  Over the years i’ve had the odd HDD crash and usually after treating it badly ie. punching the pc is never good for your HDD.

The other weird coincidence is they’ve all failed in order of when they were setup..first my dad’s then my friends and now our media centre.  2 in a row was coincidental but now with 3 I’d call that a pattern…They say things happen in 3’s so maybe I won’t experience any other problems but I don’t think i’d risk it again.  For our media centre we don’t use that much disk space anyway so John just reformatted the remaining drive and we were up an running again.

Anyone else had any problems with striping drives?

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