Dinner 10 with Tammy Halter

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This month we’re fortunate enough to have Tammy Halter as our guest speaker. Tammy Halter is the founder and sole Director of two technology companies, Absolute Data Group, and Broadcaster Media. Tammy has over 15 years experience in the information technology field, including SGML/XML publishing and document management experience with various software integration companies. Tammy has been a technical trainer, support engineer and project manager for several SG/XML software Distributors over the years, including the Frame Product Engineer, Asia Pacific & Latin America for Adobe Systems in 1997.

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The path to being a Geek, does not have to start with a Degree in Technology.

It’s never too late to get into the tech industry, more than 1/2 of my staff  (including myself), started out in another industry and "changed over" to a career in the dark side (I.T.)!

We need to encourage and educate young women and have them understand that there are many aspects to the Technology Industry’s, and you don’t necessarily have to be a Programmer or a Scientist to have a love for the industry and to be a geek at heart.

Who is invited?

If you are a geek and a girl or know of one who is willing to escort you then you are welcome and encouraged to come along. There is a technical focus with the intention of having fun and connecting with other women in IT.

Who pays for dinner?

This month is not sponsored so you will have to pay for your own dinner

Where + When

Date: Thursday 22nd April, 2010

Time: 6:30 pm

Where: Coco Bella Shop 2-75 Welsby Street New Farm.

Menu: http://fs.eatoutadmin.com/Listings/1188/Menus/coco-bella-new-farm-brisbane-entree-mains.pdf