Day 6–Wandering the streets and Tech Excellence Finland

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After forcing myself to sleep at midnight I was awake at 4am. Eventually we gave in and had first breakfast cleaning off the food we’d bought during the week. Handwashed our remaining dirty clothes in the hope they dry before we leave tomorrow and we have as many clean clothes as possible for Iceland.


It’s overcast and gloomy today. We spent the morning wandering the streets.


If you’’re into architecture I think this would be the place for you. I just noticed a few cool looking old buildings and have no idea on the types/periods etc. as I’m just not cultured.


We’ve taken the long route to a coffee place John has spotted down by the water.


Then we wander back past the Uspenski Cathedral.


Better get the full set while were out so we head to Helsinki Cathedral on our way back to the hotel.


Back to the hotel to find some lunch! John spots a pizza place not far away that serves Rudolf. Bit of an odd place where you overlook the people in the supermarket below you. The pizzas are big and in 1 piece. Fearing being there all day, wearing the pizza or all of the above I get John to cut it up for me. Little bit too much food for me though.

Back to the hotel to put my feet up before heading off to our meetup.


We walk down this really cool path which looks like an old railway – just bikes and pedestrians and it goes under the roads so no pesky intersections.


We make a slight routing error and end up cutting through a construction site before making over the bridge to F-Secure which is a very cool looking building.


Then it’s into work – and deliver my session on Cognitive Services. Had some good audience participation with some native Finnish speakers giving the sentiment analysis a go in their native language. Thanks Maaret for hosting us. If I’m still awake later will try and get some night shots as we leave Helsinki tomorrow.