Day 5–Helsinki

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After waking up early, realising the internet was out and eventually going back to sleep we had a lazy morning of eating through the rest of our non-transportable food and generally packing before heading off to Helsinki. Great run with no dramas and with the petrol station leading into our drop-off we bid farewell to the POS Skoda “Rapid”…. another car to add to the I will never buy list.

Found our way to the Finnair City Bus which takes about 30 mins to get to town, was only 6.40 and stopped literally at the door of our Holiday Inn hotel which is also right next to the railway, and across the road from a big supermarket.


Our room was ready so we dumped our bags and headed towards the sign that said steaks and burgers. Little did I realize till later it was an Australian themed bar/restaurtant…oh well the food was good and the Ginger Beers a little big for me.


Then a bit of a wander around to walk off that giant drink and to get our bearings.


Lots of people out on bikes and small dogs – must be summer. Then a quick trip to the supermarket to get a few snacks/drinks and a nanna nap. On check-in they asked if we wanted to join their free club…I was temped to say no…except you get upgrade to faster free wi-fi – they really should open with that line!

So now with decent internet I can prep the last of the screenshots etc I need for tomorrow night – much less stressed now.