Day 24–ANZ Outage and Bus Change Fun

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Sleep-in after yesterday. Tomorrow we head off but not till 9:30pm and have to check out at 12 so we’re trying to find options to keep us amused. Then I notice we could get an alternate bus but it’s not “direct”. We can’t book online which is really odd.

So we pop out for lunch and card doesn’t work…hmm…that’s not good. Try other card…fail…now that’s really not good. 3rd card lucky and tada!

Once we get back to the hotel it seems ANZ has decided to have all their systems off line for 6hours..which is fine in Aus when you’re asleep between midnight and 6am but for people travelling it’s really bad. See lots of people on social media unable to rent cars, pay for hotels etc.

So we decide to go to the bus terminal to change our ticket…but it’s closed. They shut between 1 and 4.


So John gets a bike and goes riding while I have the exciting task of trying to change our tickets.


He’s sussing out the canyon I wanted to see


and finding the bits that I’m not going to want to do.

The lady at the bus place doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish. Trying to explain I want to turn my San Pedro –> Iquique ticket at 9:30pm to a San Pedro –> Calama and a Calama –> Iquique ticket at 2pm tomorrow is quite challenging.

It’s lucky I’m really stubborn as eventually my perseverance paid off and I actually have the tickets we want.


I did a bit of shopping as there’s a few woolen things here


plus this guy that I really wanted but he was $70 AUS which I just couldn’t bring myself to pay.