day 19–Playing Chasey with the Cheetah

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This morning we were left to prep and feed the cheetahs by ourselves. Must say they are way scarier when they are hungry and you’re the one having to toss the chicken to them.


After our chores Diesel was looking a lot more friendly so we went in to introduce ourselves and take a few pictures. He had other ideas, he just wanted to sit on me and get patted and did not want me to move.

Had a pretty cruisy day and caught up on a bunch of work emails ate some lunch etc.

Then it was time to give the cheetah lure a go. Back in 2007 we met Joe from Aussie Dog who makes awesome toys for animals and we always like to take one with us.

As we didn’t know how the cheetah were going to react to someone pulling a giant red ball we opted to let the experienced guide Marlene take first go.


Gia didn’t know what to make of it at first but was totally fixated on the red ball.


Soon she was chasing it across the enclosure.


Then it was John’s turn to take a run through the cheetah enclosure with a full grown cheetah who can do 0-90km/hr in 3 seconds in tow.


Gia was quite clever though and once she’d had one go at it she didn’t bother chasing him down to the end….she knew he’d come back and just waited on her mound and waited for the red ball to come past.


Then we was done and wanted pats instead…such a cutie.