day 18-20 Volcanoes

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Monday we started our 3 day tour of some of the volcanoes in Ecuador. After a late start due to communication issues we drive to Antisana.

antisana hike

First up is a hike – walking at this altitude really hurts and you end up walking so slow.


The view at the top isn’t too bad and we head back down…so much easier than up. Then it’s onto the bikes. This is the 4th bike we’ve had and for me it’s the 2nd worst. They’re heavy, look like they’ve been dropped 100 times and the brakes take a lot of power to use.

antisana ride

We head straight up some hills and the altitude kills me. My head is thumping, the world is dancing and is in funny colours. I’m struggling to breathe as John tells me to peddle faster. I can’t really feel my hands properly so I squeeze the brakes to see if I can stop and walk up the hill a bit. Next hill…can’t feel my feet anymore and after I lose my feet off the peddles for the 3rd time I think it’s time to call it a day.

quilotoa hike

Tuesday we hike to Quilotoa lake. It was a cold night at 4000m but the sun is out this morning and after getting moving you get quite warm.


We start at the top with a view over the lake and then walk down.


The track is really loose dirt and I’m slipping and sliding all over the place with my sneakers so I stop before the bottom after I see someone else fall 5 times.


The local dogs follow the others up and down the track. Today we only have the guide so he has to double as the driver and direct people from the car as we go down.


Wednesday – as we leave our hostel we get a good view of Chimborazo – our destination for the day.

chimborazo hike

We drive up to 4800m and then we hike to 5100m.


Every step is slow and labored.


Got a bit further than this hut so we make it to 5100m.


Then back down to the car. The ground is loose and slippery and I fall hard on my butt. The camera makes and awful sound. It seems to still work but I’ve taken a chunk out of the lense casing.


Then down….


and more down and then a big drive back to Quito.