Day 16–Addo Elephant park

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Early morning today to go on a game drive. We opted to pay someone to drive us around as 6am is the best time of day to see and be able to photograph animals and they get access to parts of park we don’t and know where the animals were. We were hoping to cross a few more animals off our bingo card,

I opted for layers – it was cold and were were in an open vehicle. I chickened out from wearing my windproof shell jacket – it’s bright red…I don’t want to tempt the lions.  While we wait we can hear the lions roaring…that deep rumble that you almost feel in you bones that never seems to come across on recordings.

A minute out of the gate and we’ve spotted zebra, kudo and warthog. After that a whole lo t of nothing. We spent ages driving to a spot where the guide tells us “the lions were right here all day yesterday…I was fantastic”. Well they’re not here now…and telling us how awesome it was yesterday really doesn’t make us feel any better.


We finally spot an elephant in the distance…you know there’s over 300 of these things here and we find one. Our time is almost up and heading back to camp and we spot another 2 elephants. So the other 297 are somewhere else.

it was so a non-event game drive I didn’t even take my lens cap off in the 2 hours. We get back and we are freezing so opt to go back to bed for a few hours to warm up. The weather is overcast and wettish – first non-perfect day we’ve had so far.


After lunch we go out for a longer drive to some new areas. There’s heaps of kudo and warthogs.


The warthogs were all over the road today. This little guy just wanted to own the whole thing.


There were kudo everywhere. Think they should rename it to kudo park.


A car stops up ahead and to the left there’s 2 caracals in the long grass.


This guy was all tuckered out and snoozing with 100 of his closest fly friends on the side of the road.


On our last loop before gate close we spot a family of elephants.


A few singles along the road.


Tomorrow we head to Port Elizabeth and will exit via the park so our last chance to see lions and leopard in the wild for this trip.