Arrived in Johannesburg

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The morning started very early with a 3:15 am ride to the airport to check in for our flight to Sydney. Before we even checked in the flight was delayed 30 mins (coming in from Dallas Fort Worth).

We weren’t too concerned as this leg was international we’d be on the right side of customs for switching flights to Johannesburg. As we approached Sydney we were put into a holding pattern for landing over Sydney so were delayed another 30 mins. Now I was a lot more anxious – 40 mins to get off the plane, go through security and find our next gate. Once we disembarked we discovered our gate was the other end of the terminal (of course) so it was a very brisk walk for us across the terminal to our gate, right to final boarding and straight into our seat….phew!

I’d paid for us to sit in exit rows to give us more legroom and had spotted a new bunch of seats open up 2 days before the flight that had an exit row with only 2 seats. When we sat down I realised we’d scored premium quality seats just without the premium service – SCORE. It seemed one of the passengers in Premium wasn’t too happy with this and spent about 1 1/2 hours complaining to every flight attendant she could find. Couldn’t quite hear but it definitely looked amusing and provided relief from boredom for the first part of the flight.

Arrived with our luggage in Johannesburg, grabbed our car and off to our hotel. It’s a “Country Estate” about 10ks from the Microsoft Office and has a pretty cool view from the back porch (above picture). Off to Dinner with Dave and Jarrod from DPE Johannesburg and then time to crash for the night after being awake for about 28hrs.