9 Feb-KL Bird Park, KL Tower, Petronas Towers

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Our room has no windows so there’s no real indication of weather or time outside. It also appears that our phones aren’t synching their time properly. So we woke up this morning and thought it was 7 when in fact it was 5. Luckily we discovered this before we really did much about it which meant more sleep for us.


Waking up take two, and we hailed a cab and off to KL Bird Park we went. 5.20 (less than $2) was the fair – well worth it when it was pretty hard and about 3 trains to go a 5 min drive.


The park is a massive walk in aviary divided into a few sections.


I assume based on birds that are happy to live in the same environment. The enclosures are massive and it’s so nice to see these birds freely flying around.


I did like how they did a lot of the feeding too. They put fruit bits etc on spikes in the trees rather than everything on one big tray.


For part of our wander around it felt like these guys were our guides. There was a big group and they seemed to keep stopping to wait for us to follow.


There was also a few ponds filled with fish that you could feed using a little food dispenser. No wonder they came rushing to the surface as you approached the pond.


There was  a waterfall aviary where a bunch of the birds like to fly up really high.


And of course a fake water fall which was nice to sit inside and look out of.


One of my favourite sections you could feed the emus and ostriches.


I could have easily just stood there all day feeding these guys they were so friendly.


Right next door was the cassowary which I always think looks very prehistoric and dinosaur like.


I’m a bit of a sucker for a bird show. This one was quite cute with a few of the parrots talking, having races where one cheats and of course picking up rubbish. I thought it was a great little spot to spend a few hours if you like birds and like to see most of them out of tiny cages. Totally ripped off by taxis on the way back wanting 15 (three times as much as we paid to get there). They seemed to have a system so there was no getting around it, and in the end it’s like $5.


After a nanna nap we ventured back to town and up KL Tower. We went for the expensive trip to the Observation Deck which is an open air platform with glass bannister around the outside to allow you to see 360 degrees as you walk around. It’s always nice to get up high and get a feel for the size of a city.


We wandered back to KLCC and sussed out a few photo spots and waited for the sun to set to get a few snaps (with a bunch of other people with the same idea) of Petronas Towers. I think it looks much better at night. It’s really hard to get a good day shot as there’s not a nice blue sky (we haven’t seen one yet).