Kinect For Windows v2–big news


While I was on holidays with no internet braving some big ocean waves some really awesome stuff happened with Kinect For Windows – V2 was officially released – go download it from here!

But that’s not all the exciting news….

Deploy to the Windows Store – now we can deploy kinect v2 apps to the windows store which makes getting your apps out to a wider audience easier!

There’s a few K4W apps already on there to try it out: Kinect Evolution, 3D Builder, and YAKiT

Adapter for XBox One Kinect – this one I was so excited about when I heard. You can now also buy an adapter that lets you use your existing XBbox One Kinect on your PC! And in Australia is $59.99 on the Microsoft store.

Day 28-30 Buenos Aires

0V7C3659Friday morning was an early flight up to Buenos Aires. The site said we had to be there 2 hours before but the airport was completely dead. Checked in, scored and exit and paid our $3.50 US departure tax.

Arrived at Buenos Aires and were greeted by Sally and Ignacio – former Imagine Cup judges and contestants. They were lovely enough to drop us at our hotel. Had a bit of fun getting out of the carpark when the ticket system was a little busted and was issuing all the tickets with the same rego plate – oops.

Wandered around the afternoon and got stuck into some more great pizza. Had a great dinner with Sally and Ignacio and went to bed far to late for the early morning we had.

Saturday we had a nice sleep in for the first time in a month and a lazy morning enjoying a proper bed! We wandered around Palermo and went to the city zoo. We’re there in the middle of the day so totally wrong light for pictures.


They had a big range of animals and quite a few South American ones.


There were a few I hadn’t seen before like this one which seriously looked like a large dog-sized guinea pig. There was also another one that looked like a cross between a rabbit and a small deer.


Lots of usual suspects like Lion, Tiger, Giraffe, Elephant, Rhino, Hippo.


Had a decent range of bears. You could buy food and feed most of the animals so I imagine it’s popular with families. The animals all looked healthy but this is quite an old zoo so their enclosures were quite small so I found it a bit sad.

On the journey back to our hotel found an ice-cream shop to have some ice-cream and milkshake.

Sunday  is our big journey home. Flight to Santiago, Auckland and then Brisbane. We catch up with Sally and Ignacio and have lunch at an all you can eat meat restaurant. Off to the airport where we get a really nice LAN checkin guy who is determined to merge our qantas and lan bookings so we can check our bags all the way through to Brisbane. He resorted to writing on the bag tags – will I ever see my bags again?

After 3 gruelling flights without exit row we arrive home with our luggage – WIN!

Day 27–Laguna Esmeralda Ushuaia


After parking out at sea last night and picking up the driver for the last bit of the journey we arrived at Ushuaia this morning.

Last minute pack rush, handing back of boots and life jackets, collecting passports and we were done. Onto our coach to drive us 200 metres to the carpark and it’s all over.

0603Found a cab, dropped off our bags at the hotel and off to find the bus to do hike. We arrived at the entrance to Laguna Esmeralda and we set off – our last chance to use our waterproof pants and cold gear. I had read the hike can get a bit muddy and about 10 seconds in they weren’t wrong! The whole trail is a soggy, boggy mess. After being quite sedentary for 3 weeks my legs weren’t too happy about the idea of walking and it was hard going through the muck.

0602We made it to the lake – it has this odd green colour to it (Esmeralda for a reason). 

0601It got wicked cold and all the layers we’d just peeled off went straight back on.

0604Hung around a bit and then walked back to the pickup point and admired the amazing dams the beavers had made and saddened by the mess they made of the trees!


I was craving pizza – about the only meal that didn’t come up on our boat trip and luckily there was a nice place about 20 metres from our hotel and they took AMEX…yay.

Now with a full belly I am going to enjoy my sleep in my big bed tonight in my large hotel room that’s for sure.

Day 24-26 New Island


3rd – The morning was spent on New Island. Bit of a hike up the hill and you reach a colony of rockhoppers and albatross.


The zombie penguins as usual.


They looks more like zombie falling penguins when they go down the rocks though.


We tried some flying albatross shots but I suck hard at shooting moving birds.


I also had the extender on which messes up my ai servo focus a bit I think as well (or that’s what I’ll claim).


Some cool rockscape before we headed back to the boat.

4th – We tried to land at Sea Lion Island this morning but couldn’t hold anchor so we’ve set sail for Ushuaia. Rough seas and I’m spinning again so my bunk is my friend.

5th – Still sailing and curled up in a ball. We’ve hit the channel in the arvo so it’s calmer seas so I have managed to crawl out of bed and be like a normal person. Crazy shirts and wig night tonight and final party before we get off the boat tomorrow.

It’s been a rough trip but I can’t say enough good things about every single staff member on the boat – from the seamen, to the cleaning lady to the dining staff to the barmen – they’ve been fantastic.

Day 23 Carcass Island


Today was basically a “filler” day in terms of photography but it turned out to be a nice day.

We landed on the beach and the sun was shining so we took a bit of walk and found somewhere out of the wind and had a nice sit looking over the beach. Had a bit of a wonder around the 2+ metre tussock grass and then headed back to the boat for lunch.


On the way back in we were joined by a few dolphins.

After lunch we headed to the settlement for afternoon tea and what an afternoon tea it was. There was a great pot of proper black tea and a spread of home made food – fruit cake, chocolate chip biscuits,lamingtons, jelly short bread, chocolate cake with coffee icing, scones and much more. Made me feel like I was visiting my grandparents – Granddad with a big pot of black tea so strong your spoon stands up in the cup and Nanna with her home made cakes, biscuits etc.


Behind the house there were some friendly Curra Curras that we could get pretty close to.


After awhile I thought they were fighting over attention from us.


Afternoon was back to the beach to get some pengiun shots. I didn’t have my zoom with me and it’s not quite zoomy enough and I don’t’ really like getting my gear in sand so we sat up on the cliff and watched the giant V of people waiting for the penguins to come in.


It was quite amusing to watch a smaller group of other photographers hit the beach and see our massive group all huddled up together.


Yesterday there was a beautiful sunset we were hoping would happen again was it was not to be.

Day 22 Westpoint and Grave Cove


This morning we headed to Westpoint. After a bit of a hike up the hill we scabbed a lift in the caretaker’s Jeep. After a short walk we arrived at a massive Albatross colony on a massive cliff. We headed up over the ridge but my gumboots, steep cliff and insane wind against my camera sash that quickly became a  massive sail made me turn around. John persevered however to get nice and close.


I had a bit of a chat with the caretaker who was very friendly. They’ve been there for 2 years. The owner had lived on the island his whole life up until 2 years ago. The place is pretty desolate with a supply ship coming every 2 months. No medical unless you want to pay for a very expensive helicopter visit.

The caretaker and his wife had spent 30 years on their little sailing shop – Wanderer 2 for 30 years around the world – with 2 of them spent in South Georgia.

Could not escape the wind so I had a nice walk back to the landing spot and sat in a more sheltered spot.


In the afternoon we headed back to Grave Cove to get more pictures of penguins landing on the beach.


Remember we’re dealing with people who are trying to get amazing pictures. Some can be pretty pedantic and like tor groom the beach for their shots.


As the light grew dimmer it was time to go back to the ship.